The Iconic Just Dropped A Brand New Modest Fashion Edit

The Iconic Just Dropped A Brand New Modest Fashion Edit

Right now, the hashtag #ModestFashion has over 1.6 billion views on TikTok. While it’s typically considered to be a restrictive style space, more and more modest fashion content creators around the world are experimenting, playing within the whimsical world of personal style and making modestwear more seen. Well, it seems The Iconic has been listening in, today launching their own hub for modest style, The Modest Edit. 

If you’re not familiar with the phrase, modest fashion generally refers to wearing less revealing clothing for religious, cultural, or personal reasons. As well as religious garments, it can include styling like layering, loose silhouettes, higher necklines, long sleeves, and non-cleavage garments. Beyond this, modest fashion can mean different things to different people and appeals to people of all faiths and cultural backgrounds. Like any conversation around inclusivity, it’s best approached as a spectrum. 

Sydney-based fashion-focused Muslim creator Nawal Sari worked with The Iconic to develop the edit. “So many women from all types of religious and cultural backgrounds practice dressing modestly. Although hijabi women seem to be more visibly Muslim and modest, hence
why I think it’s associated with us more,” Sari explains. “Also men, including Muslim men, explore modest fashion on their own scale too. The ‘one type fits all’ way of fashion is old news.”

The Iconic Just Dropped A Brand New Modest Fashion EditAs for what’s in store in The Iconic’s Modest Edit, you can expect to see new collections from modest fashion brands like Modest Mermaid swimwear, Veil of Faith formal wear, and style staples from Suelle Boutique. You’ll also see the latest from Aussie brand Mira the Label. 

The edit also includes a big selection of modest options from The Iconic’s huge range of labels—like these dreamy pants from ALÉMAIS, this flowing shirt dress from KITX, or these suiting pants in emerald green from Camilla and Marc. 

For now, The Iconic’s Modest Edit is female-focused—here’s hoping we see a men’s edit soon too. 

You can take a peep at everything in The Iconic’s Modest Edit here. 

Image credit: The Iconic

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